Please note that most cards can be personalized with the wording and or the colors of your choice*.  
Most come in sets of 6.  Click on pictures for additional information.
Pretty Dress Notecard
Prissy Pumps Notecards
Purse and Shoe Notecards
Pretty Purse Notecards
Pretty Woman Notecards
Sandals Notecards
Cuppa Cocoa Notecards
Let's Face It Notecards
A Bouquet Notecards
Poodle Parade Notecards
Kitty Kat Notecards
Three Flowers Notecards
Hey Girlie Girl Notecards
Hey Girlfriend Notecards
Catch Phrase Notecards
Just A Note Notecards
Girlfriend Notecards
A Note From...(1 name)
A Note From...(2 names)
A Dolls Life Notecards
A Dolls Life Too
* - We reserve the right to refuse to print text we deem offensive.
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